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Changelog History

Here you can find what we have changed and updated on Win Update Stop software.
We constantly improve our product with bugs fixes, features and rules to block suspicious processes.
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+ Improved method to disable Windows Updates
+ Improved support for Windows 10 21H1 64/32-bit
+ Added option to "Block Windows Update Assistant while updates are disabled"
+ Minor fixes and optimizations
+ Improved method to detect when Desktop has fully loaded
+ Minor fixes and optimizations
+ Improved support for Windows 10 20H2 64/32-bit
+ By default the program runs in 30-days trial mode
+ Automate product activation via setup.exe command-line /LICENSEKEY=
+ Added option to "Keep Windows Defender updated while updates are disabled"
+ Added option to export/import/reset settings
+ Added option to update program settings from a URL (Enterprise features)
+ Exported program settings can be used in the Enterprise features
+ Added option to auto-update product to new versions
+ Improved procedure to re-enable Windows Updates
+ Fixed freezing of GUI while enabling/disabling Windows Updates
+ Integrated NoVirusThanks License Manager 
+ Improved installer/uninstaller script
+ Changed End User License Agreement (EULA)
+ Minor fixes and optimizations
+ The program now installs a Windows service to auto-disable Windows updates if they get re-enabled
+ Removed the "portable version" due to the now-required Windows service
+ Improved disabling of Windows Updates on Windows 10 1803 "April 2018 Update"
+ You can now close the program (and its other windows/forms) via ESC key
+ Added option to "Notify me if there is a new version available" (enabled by default)
+ Added a simple help\FAQs file (open it from main menu Help -> Help File)
+ Added a new option on main menu Help -> Check for Updates
+ Added a new option on main menu System Tools
+ Improved installer/uninstaller script
+ Minor fixes and optimizations
+ Minor fixes and optimizations
+ Added "More Actions" button to check for Windows Updates, open Windows Services, etc
+ Added command-line switch /disableupdates to disable updates (program exits once done)
+ Added command-line switch /enableupdates to enable updates (program exits once done)
+ Improved disabling of Windows Updates on Windows 10
* If you used a previous version of this program on Windows 10, you'll need to first click on "Enable" button and then on "Disable" button
+ Show an alert if the 32-bit version is executed on a 64-bit OS
+ Minor fixes and optimizations
+ Added text link to open Windows Services
+ Minor fixes and optimizations
+ Initial release

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